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The SideCar concept

SideCar is a portable laptop computer accessory that enables you to drive up to four extra displays from a Windows 7 / Windows XP laptop.

SideCar attaches to the laptop via a simple ExpressCard or PC Card (PCMCIA) interface, enabling easy docking and undocking of the laptop from the multi-monitor display setup. Combined with a notebook's built-in LCD display and external monitor support, SideCar enables up to six displays to be driven by a single Windows laptop.

Each SideCar display is an independent monitor under Windows. You can run different applications on each display, move your mouse seamlessly across all displays, and even stretch applications across displays.

The following diagram shows how SideCar solutions enable a Windows notebook to drive multiple external displays. (SideCar Quad MMS example)

SideCar Connection Diagram

Sidecar customer testimonials

"A must-have component ... incredible technology"
– William Braman, financial trader  >> More...

"I liked my SideCar for home so much, I had to have a second one for my office."
– Daniel Gordon, President, Samuel Gordon Jewelers  >> More...

Pfizer / Microsoft
"We are quite pleased with the SideCar. It works better than we expected, fast performance, easy software setup."  >> More...

The best of both worlds: multi-monitor power, laptop mobility

With the SideCar, the power of a multi-monitor workstation can be brought to a laptop computer.
This enables such flexible work arrangements as:

Scenario 1:
Multi-monitor primary workstation, with detachable laptop

Detachable laptop

Scenario 2:
Home and office multi-monitor workstations

Shuttle between home and office

Scenario 3:
Mobile multi-monitor workstations

Mobile multi-display workstation
SideCar models and pricing

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