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Zenview PowerTrio 27 QHD Ultrathin

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Advanced productivity display with portrait-landscape-portrait (PLP) design ·
top-quality 27" AH-IPS LCDs with 2560×1440 (QHD) resolution ·
178° viewing angles, ultrathin 0.31" (8mm) screen borders

55.3" effective size · 5440 x 2560 resolution (max) · 11.1 megapixels

Product highlights

  • 27" premium LCD panels with QHD resolution help drive productivity with 78% more content than FHD (full HD) screens
  • Total diagonal size: 55.3" (screen area, excluding bezels)
  • Total screen resolution: 5440 x 2560 pixels (13.9 megapixels)
    • 2560 x 1440 (QHD) resolution per screen: 16:9 aspect ratio
  • See more, do more, with high-resolution QHD monitors
    • See what you've been missing: 2560x1440 resolution per screen
    • View 78% more screen content than with FHD (full HD) 1080p
    • Widescreen format allows side-by-side application viewing
    • 1440 vertical resolution reduces application scrolling
    Proportional sizes of QHD vs FHD monitor resolution
    • LED backlight
      • Slimmer screens
      • Runs cooler, with less power consumption
      • High dynamic contrast ratio for sharper, brighter images and video
    • Viewing angles: Ultra-wide 178° (H) / 178° (V)
      Wide viewing angles
      • Superior image quality at all angles
      • IPS LCD technology with 10X higher contrast ratio at 60° angle, compared to TN LCDs
    • Superior LCD performance specs
      • Brightness: 350 cd/m²
      • Static contrast ratio: 1000:1
      • Dynamic contrast ratio: 100,000,000:1
      • Response: 6ms (G to G)
    • Industry-best, professional-grade IPS Gen 2 LCD technology
      IPS LCD technology: vivid, high-quality images at wide angles; low color shift; low gamma shift. Ideal for multi-screen monitors.
      Gen 2 Advanced High Performance IPS (AH-IPS) offers improved color accuracy and lower power consumption.
    • DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and HDMI inputs
      • DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, dual HDMI inputs (each screen)
      • DisplayPort 1.2 daisy chaining: 2 screens with 1 system cable
      • 4-port USB 3.0 hub with 1 upstream port/cable (each screen)
      • Supplied with 6ft (2m) DisplayPort and HDMI cables
      • Optional 10ft / 15ft (3m / 5m) long signal cables
    • All new! Zenview articulating triple monitor desk stand
      • Independent articulating arms with full range of motion
      • Position and hold monitors at any angle or elevation desired
      • Set inward monitor angles up to 45° for surround effect
      • Fine-tune height of each monitor for perfect vertical alignment
      • Save space with 12.5" desk base or 3" grommet/clamp mount

    The Digital Tigers Advantage

      Digital Tigers Platinum Warranty
      • Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee (industry first)
      • 3-Year Advanced Replacement (USA)
      • Free 2-way repair shipping (USA)
    Top quality!  $1,499.00 USD
    • Qty 2: $1,424.00 USD each
    • Qty 3+: $1,394.00 USD each
    e-commerce price: Prefer U.S. dollars? 1,499.00

    What do you need to drive this monitor?

    Included! Powerful UltraView Desktop Manager software

    Desktop management software for multiple monitors

    • All-new Digital Tigers software suite, replacing Zenview Manager
    • 14 industry-leading features for power users
    • $99.00 USD standalone · Free with Zenview PowerTrio 27 QHD Ultrathin
    • Learn more: tab on this page · product page

    Top 7 productivity features: (Click links for previews)

    Top 7 personalization features: (Click links for previews)

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