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Zenview multi-screen displays
Zenview Arena multi-screen LCD monitors
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Innovative six-screen monitor with 24" central workspace

New Low Web Price: $1,999.00 USD  
  • All-new version of the famous "arena" workspace design, invented by Digital Tigers in 2005
  • Top-quality LCDs with wide viewing angles
  • Total diagonal size: 51.0" (screen area, excluding bezels)
  • Total screen resolution: 3968 x 2224 pixels
    • 1920 x 1200 resolution per screen
  • Viewing angles: ultra-wide 178° (H) / 178° (V)
    Wide viewing angles
    • Superior image quality at all angles
    • IPS LCD technology with 10X higher contrast ratio at 60° angle, compared to TN LCDs
  • Industry-best, professional-grade LCD technology
    IPS LCD technology: vivid, high-quality images at wide angles; low color shift; low gamma shift. Ideal for multi-screen monitors.
  • Flexible connectivity options
    • Digital inputs: DVI, DisplayPort (center screen), DVI (side / top screens)
    • Analog inputs: VGA (all screens)
    • USB hub: center screen (2 ports)
  • UltraView Desktop Manager multi-monitor utilities
    • Extends Microsoft Windows for multiple monitors
    • Windows taskbar on every screen + much more
    • Sold separately for $99 · bundled free with this display!
    Digital Tigers Platinum Warranty
    • Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee (industry first)
    • 3-Year Advanced Replacement (USA)
    • Free 2-way repair shipping (USA)

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