UltraView Desktop Manager vs Zenview Manager

UltraView Desktop Manager has replaced Zenview Manager, our second-generation software suite.


UltraView Desktop Manager

Zenview Manager

Productivity features

Taskbar & Start Menu for each monitor Yes Partial
Taskbar on each monitor Yes Yes
Windows 7 Start Button & Start Menu on each taskbar Yes No
Aero thumbnail previews of applications from each taskbar Yes No
Show desktop button on each taskbar Yes No
1-click move window to different monitor (or maximize) Yes Yes
PDF Writer: 1-button PDF maker Yes No
Capture IQ: capture, annotate and share any window Yes No
Multi-monitor configuration with preview Yes Partial
Multi-monitor configuration Yes Yes
Live preview Yes No
Window snapping Yes No
Performance optimization: open more windows Yes No

Personalization features

Multi-monitor wallpaper with optimal desktop spanning Yes Partial
Manage multiple wallpaper or span wallpaper Yes Yes
Automatically scale with smart cropping (optimal spanning) Yes No
Live wallpaper feeds from Internet Yes No
Panoramic wallpaper images included Yes No
Multiple wallpaper profiles Yes Yes
Automatic wallpaper rotation at any interval Yes No
UltraView Collection: 300+ panoramic wallpaper images Yes No
Window location: control where each application loads Yes Yes
Customizable hotkeys Yes No
Customizable title bar buttons Yes No
Configuration profiles with hotkeys Yes No
Windows logon: personalized background Yes No
Multi-monitor screen saver Yes Yes